Written by Lisa N. Edwards

Feature Film – Dramatic Thriller – The Big Short / Molly’s Game / The Wolf of Wall Street / Seven

LOGLINE: (BASED ON A TRUE STORY) A successful cryptocurrency trader juggles the market, her reputation, and relationships that could jeopardize the deal of a lifetime.

The world of cryptocurrency is an emotional roller coaster of epic financial deals and global jet setting (ala The Wolf of Wall Street). The (Crypto) “Wall Street Cheat Sheet – Psychology of a Market Cycle” is integrated (ala Seven) to show how relationships and emotions work in similar patterns as we unravel this true story step by step.

LISA is an Australian entrepreneur in the volatile world of cryptocurrency. A KOL (Key Opinion Leader), highly skilled and talented analyst at the top of her game.

NIKOLAS is an arrogant poker player turned cryptocurrency trader who plays games of dark psychology, manipulation and control. 

Intoxicated by Nikolas’ charm and good looks; Lisa decides to merge businesses. A deal that should secure her future but instead drags her into Nikolas’s hidden life of drug abuse and deceit. Finding herself tangled in the toxic mess, Lisa struggles for clarity to make the right choices.

The stakes are raised further when a cell phone with a 2FA code, (two factor authentication – an added security code often used for transacting cryptocurrency) is impulsively sold by Nikolas for drugs, jeopardising a multi-million-dollar Bitcoin deal that Lisa has single-handedly brokered. 

A simple transaction turns into a global hunt.

Throughout the script, Lisa breaks the 4th wall at various moments to explain technical terminology (ala The Big Short) or to explain emotions or unspoken feelings (ala Molly’s Game).