Lisa N Edwards

Writer & Producer

Lisa was trained at NIDA and has worked on 1000’s of Films, TV Series and Commercials as the former owner and Talent Agent of VisionsMCP in Melbourne, selling the business to pursue her own dreams and goals of writing, producing, and directing. Since then, she’s written 3 novels in the Can’t Fight Fate Series, 2 TV Series and 3 Feature Films including COINRUNNERS.

Lisa is at the forefront of cryptocurrency. An Elliot Wave specialist trader, with 25 plus years’ experience in Traditional stocks and Commodities and now exclusively in Cryptocurrency. She also runs and co-owns gettingstartedincrypto.com, thousandtomillions.com and The Moon Mag with Josh Taylor.

With a reach to over 40 million people each month via social media, she believes it is the future of money and the only way to make money is to make your own.

Through her thrilling industry and life experiences, COINRUNNERS was born.

Janet Jeffries

script development

Janet Jeffries is the Head of Development and Production executive working in both features and television for Lawrence Bender Productions / Bender Brown TV Productions.

As an Adjunct Professor at National University (Los Angeles) she has also spent the last 15years training and teaching, Hollywood’s best writers.

Janet was the main script development executive that helped shape COINRUNNERS to version 44 (which has taken 2 years to get to this point) and become the epic story of cryptocurrency and survival.

Janet can be hired for mentorships https://www.roadmapwriters.com/products/janet-jeffries-month-mentorship

Once you watch the film, you too will want to ‘Be like Lisa’.

Lawrence Bender Productions

Lawrence Bender Productions is an independent feature film company in Los Angeles, working with several independent financiers and sales companies.

Recent films include the animated short film COPS AND ROBBERS, streaming on Netflix and the feature film CAPONE starring Tom Hardy. Just wrapped is the Netflix original feature THE HARDER THEY FALL directed by Jeymes Samuel.

Lawrence Bender’s credits also include the films GRETA, HACKSAW RIDGE, Martin Scorsese’s film SILENCE, GOOD WILL HUNTING, AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, PULP FICTION and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.